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urbanfinish was approached by the client, the Corporation of London, to help with anti-skating devices and protection in this important London street. We worked closely with the Corporation's design team to provide and effective skate-stopper solution which would at the same time be sutble and unobtrusive. The choice of our standard BB-type skate-stop in marine grade stainless steel meant protectiion for the black granite planters and easy installation was made possible as it is an EasyFit product. As a skatestop stud offering subtle but effective protection the City of London were especially please with the result as it blends with existing substrates without interupting the design.

Local Authority urbanfinish project - Corporation of London - Skate-Stop anti-skate deterrent fittings

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Corporation of London    

Great Winchester Street, London

Corporation of London

Skate-Stop BB-type deterrent fitting    

Solid Stainless Steel

Manufactured by us in the UK      

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