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fittings and finishes for the built environment

uf346 RBKC-TopGrip-Tactile

We are manufacturers and installers of specialist fittings for the Built Environment.


We manufacture low dome studs, parking studs, marker studs, baymarker studs, brass tactile paving studs, demarcation markers, visibility insert fittings, parking shop markers, Part M corduroy hazard warning surfaces, Skate-Stop units, stainless steel tactile paving services, skateboard deterrents and special inlays, bollards, cycle racks, litter bins, seats and benches. The street products and fittings we design and manufacture are all from UK sourced raw material and manufactured under our own regimes for use in the built environment in the UK.

Designing solutions for landscape designers we manufacture from the highest quality materials, selected to best suit the individual project. Whether you need grade 316 Stainless Steel for Part M compliant fittings, or Solid Brass or Bronze for deterrents to prevent skate or skateboard damage of public realm areas, we have the experience to take your plans forward to develop guaranteed solutions.

We can then offer a retro-install service into the finished area and warranty the installation so that both designer and client have peace of mind at all stages. Alternatively, we can supply the fittings to you and our Technical Services office will assist you where required.  

ISO 9001 manufacture of standard components or individual and bespoke units for the urban landscape.

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fittings and finishes for the built environment

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