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fittings and finishes for the built environment

RKBC issued a brief to urbanfinish in 2009 to propose stainless steel DETR tactile solutions for this prestigious upgraded streetscape in Exhibition Road. We provided technical assistance to both the Royal Borough and to Dixon Jones, the architects at final design stage. We were then asked by main contractor Balfour Beatty to retro-install our anti-slip tactile studs into the granite setts. on site.  We were also needed to also provide an installation service for the car park studs to provide delineation for parking spaces in Exhibition Road. This scheme in SW8 is important because it is the first shared-access street of it's type in London and our tactile paving studs and the car park studs now play a functional role in this.

Local Authority urbanfinish project - RB Kensington & Chelsea - Tactile Paving Studs & Car Park Demarcation stud fittings



Main Contr        





Royal Borough Kensington & Chelsea    

Exhibition Road, London SW7

Balfour Beatty

DETR TopGrip Tactile Paving Studs & Car Park studs Solid Stainless Steel

Manufactured by us in the UK

2009 - 2012

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